Next Generation Communications at UBC to Advance Research Collaboration, Learning and Student Engagement

UBC has embarked on an initiative to consolidate and integrate its various communication and collaboration systems towards a unified user experience, with the intent for ubiquitous access and support a wide variety of use cases supporting flexible/distributed education, research collaboration, student engagement and administrative needs. Technologies in scope include VOIP telephony, video conferencing, web conferencing, Skype for Business (Lync). This session will include a brief introduction to the solution, explain why it is such a unique solution, and offer a demonstration. It will explore implementation in the UBC environment, the impact is has had, and the potential for wider roll-out to other higher education institutions in a shared service format through BCNET.


Anthony Knezevic

Senior Manager of Collaboration Technologies

Michael LeBlanc

Manager of Service and Solutions, University of British Columbia

Kevin Saltel

Senior Systems Analyst, Faculty of Medine, University of British Columbia

Liza Jose

Senior Manager of Communications and Collaboration Technologies, University of British Columbia