In today’s ever-increasing digital world, the importance of cybersecurity is growing rapidly. Canada's National Research and Education Network (NREN) is not immune to cybersecurity threats and recognizes the importance of securing the NREN against cyber attacks. What has transpired is a security project known as the NREN SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) Deployment Project. The project provides a starting point to develop a strategy and build up expertise and solutions for infrastructure, people and policy. This project will create visibility into cybersecurity threats on the network while providing the NREN with a strong foundation to develop a more comprehensive security strategy for the organization. In this session, panelists will learn about the NREN SIEM project and future opportunities for BCNET member participation.


Alex Dow

Consultant, Mirai Security


Barb Carra

Chief Operating Officer, Cybera


Ivor Mackay

Manager, Information Technology, BCNET


Jill Kowalchuk

NREN Coordination Manager, CANARIE Inc.


Todd Williams

Executive Director, ACORN