In the high-pressure and complex setting of healthcare, a new approach to teamwork is leading to healthier patients, happier staff and more efficient operations. Healthcare’s embrace of a new teamwork model has been noticed by people outside the medical world, so doctors are going outside the walls of the hospital to teach manufacturers, business owners, franchisees, customer service representatives and even those in sports and entertainment to do better by shifting the culture from “me” to “we.”

Based on his latest book and drawing on groundbreaking research and examples from around the world, Dr. Goldman shows the audience how a team approach to medicine can improve customer service and help women break the glass ceiling. It can solidify the provision of social services to troubled youth, and boost the efficiency and safety of the military and critical industrial complexes like nuclear power plants. It can even make professional sports teams perform better.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Brian Goldman
Best-Selling Author, Radio Host & ER Physician | Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Goldman is one of those rare individuals with great success in not one but several adrenaline-pumping careers. He is a highly regarded emergency physician at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. He is also a medical commentator providing insights throughout COVID. He’s the host of CBC’s award-winning radio show “White Coat, Black Art”, where he takes listeners behind the scenes of hospitals and doctor’s offices, and host of the podcast “The Dose” on current events in healthcare. He shares the lessons he learns in healthcare to benefit others; both in the healthcare industry and to help corporations & organizations learn from high stakes environments. 

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