The UVic Desktop support team helps clients in setting up their Exchange mailboxes, calendar permissions and unified voice messaging. Most of our client requests can be fulfilled by using the Exchange Control Panel (ECP), but not all. To help the team perform these tasks we developed several GUI tools by using PowerShell. With little or no tuning, they can be used in other universities as well. The interface is much more convenient than ECP. All operations are logged, reports are generated containing the mailbox and calendar permissions, forwarding from and to, voice messaging, hidden/visible status in GAL, primary/role-based status of the mailbox. Changes to mailboxes are not allowed without supplying a ticket number from our tracking systems. Some features are unique and not found in ECP such as the ability to switch voice messaging of a phone extension from one mailbox to another with a single operation.


Mario Ivanov

Desktop Support Analyst, University of Victoria