Distributed denial of service (DDoS) events are attacks that use many (sometimes tens of thousands of) Internet connected devices to overwhelm the network or server resources of the target. Because so many devices are used, it is impossible to provide complete protection with traditional network access controls. Over the past year, DDoS events have grown in severity and frequency.

Preparation for such an event can be similar to preparing for an earthquake: It can be a lot of work to get ready for an event that can seem like it may never occur. It can also be difficult to distinguish hype from fact.

This panel session features members of the BCNET DDoS mitigation project discussing an overview of DDoS attacks and their history, recent developments, BCNET’s current defensive capabilities, what organizations can do to prepare, and a summary of advanced mitigation techniques. The results of the recent member institution survey will also be presented.


Dave Kubert

IT Security Officer, University of Northern British Columbia

Hugh Burley

Manager, Information Security, Thompson Rivers University

Keir Novik

Information Security Officer, Simon Fraser University

Alex Doadea-Cabrera

Network Analyst, BCNET