The acceleration of digital transformation due to the pandemic has changed the shape of the Canadian workforce. This has also changed the way attackers are targeting Canadian organizations. Bryan and Ivo will talk about how the cybersecurity and cyber risk industries can prepare and adapt to this new model and what can IT teams do to face this new reality.


Bryan McCaffrey
Security Manager | CDW

Bryan McCaffrey is a cybersecurity analyst, incident responder, digital forensic investigator, and threat intelligence analyst for 25 years. His career began in the Canadian Forces then lead to the private sector as a network security engineer. Bryan pursued a career in digital forensics after supporting investigations related to the network edge. Bryan has worked for private sector firms such as Deloitte, Nortel, Cisco, Microsoft, Trustwave Spider Labs, Guidance Software (now OpenText), KPMG and now CDW. Bryan has also worked directly for the Government of British Columbia as a Sr. Security Analyst. 

Bryan attending the University of Western Ontario and is currently studying for an MSc degree in Digital Forensic Science from Champlain College. 

Bryan has worked and led many investigations in his time. His focus is now on digital forensic and incident response teams are prepared to conduct full investigations following popular incident response lifecycles and standards. Bryan also brings his own experience of what works and what does not when building incident response teams. Bryan has been part of many small to very large and complex investigations typically based on external attackers exploiting some vulnerability within a client infrastructure (whether social or technical). 

Bryan currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia where he relocated from downtown Toronto approximately four years ago. Bryan spends a lot of time camping, hiking, and exploring the island with his Pug, Bruce. Bryan has a strong interest in mathematics, political influence operations, cryptology and, somewhat related, cosmology and amateur astronomy. Bryan studies Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Tai Chi and Qi Gong to maintain his health in what can be a very high stress industry. 

Ivo Weins
Senior National Manager for Security Solutions Architecture | CDW

Ivo Wiens is the Senior National Manager for Security Solutions Architecture at CDW Canada who works with  clients to help them identify the right information security solutions to help them achieve security or compliance goals. Ivo believes that businesses are best served when information security goals are aligned to the goals of the business, and that at CDW we are constantly striving to bridge the gap between these two areas.  Ivo has worked in the security industry across Canada for the last 16 years; with experience in professional services (technical/risk/compliance), managed security services and technical solutions. Ivo is a SABSA certified architect and has held a CISSP for over 10 years.

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