At a university with a mandate for graduate level mid-career learning, academic writing can be a challenge for many. Based on faculty and student feedback, a need was identified for an online tool that would enable students to self-assess their academic writing abilities in order to move confidently through the program. A self-assessment tool was identified that would assess a paragraph of writing against the principles of academic paragraphing. This resulted in a diagnostic that pointed students to specific resources, giving them a starting point for their conversations with Writing Centre staff. This interactive presentation will use the tool chosen and discuss preliminary findings from the pilot group. After taking part in this session the audience will: 

  • Appreciate the value of a self-assessment tool for academic writing
  • Understand the key considerations for choosing a writing tool
  • Reflect on the impact of a tool for improving student writing


Dr. Elizabeth Childs

Associate Professor and Program Head MALAT Program, Royal Roads University


Dr. Jo Axe

Director & Associate Professor School of Education and Technology, Royal Roads University


Keith Webster

Instructional Designer, Royal Roads University