Did you know that when people feel excluded, it provokes the same sort of reaction in the brain that registers physical pain? Or that your yearly employee review, could be ineffective at generating the change you need in your organization?

In this session we will explore the challenges that current, new, and future leaders face when managing people in the information technology industry. We will discuss why traditional management approaches no longer result in maximum team engagement and productivity and often lead to leadership failures, and how recent research has resulted in a new models of management style.

Using Neuroscience research specifically targeted at leadership and organizational change, this session will provide an overview of the S.C.A.R.F model and how using MRI technology and research has resulted in us re-thinking our organizations approach to leadership and adapting models based on how our brains work. We will challenge traditional management practices and explore the social nature of the work place providing a possible "better way" to engage staff, achieve high team effectiveness, increase retention rates, and a happier more satisfied IT team.


Darren Eveleigh

Infrastructure Manager, Vancouver Island University