In this session, Darren will discuss why traditional management approaches no longer result in maximum team engagement in the IT industry and often lead to leadership failure. He will explore how recent neuroscience research has resulted in the creation of a new model for management styles and what this means for leadership and organizational change. He will look at the SCARF model for important discoveries from neuroscience about the ways people interact socially and how the human brain responds to social threats and rewards. Darren will also look at other research such as the use of MRI technology to better understand how our brain works. This research has helped redefine many organizational approaches to leadership and adapt models for change. Darren will challenge traditional management practices and explore the social nature of the workplace providing a possible "better way" to engage staff, achieve greater team effectiveness, increase retention rates, and achieve a happier more satisfied IT team.


Darren Eveleigh

Director, IT Operations, Vancouver Island University