The Road to Open Science is Paved with Canadian Bedrock

Canada's leadership role on the International Open Science scene has seen a substantial boost in recent years. This leadership role is coming from all corners of Canada's research landscape, but especially: the Government of Canada and champions in the higher education sector (e.g. CARL Portage Network, McGill's Tannenbaum Open Science Institute); the non-profit research support sector (e.g. Research Data Canada and WDS Technical Office); Canada's IT community writ large. 

Bolstering these important efforts are those of Canada's funding agencies, which are developing a data management policy for agency-supported research. As these focused initiatives proceed, a positive outcome of all, is the national conversation on how an open data/science approach can lead to a vibrant research culture, increase innovation, and better the lives of all Canadians.


Mark Leggott

Executive Director, Research Data Canada

Shahira Khair

Project Officer, Canadian Association of Research Libraries