Like many technology-support units, UBC's Learning Technology Hub was inundated with support requests early in the pandemic. Part of our strategy in meeting the increased demand was to create tool guides for our public-facing websites. We quickly realized that the guides were creating an important self-service point for instructors and students, which they could access at any time. But we also saw how instances of poor documentation could lead to more questions than answers! In the following months and years, we have worked to refine our approach to documentation, ensuring that what we write online is as strong as the one-on-one support we offer in the Hub.  
Join us for this interactive presentation to hear how we have scaled up our public-facing documentation, with supporting standards, processes, training approaches, and maintenance schedules. Bring your questions and challenges too, as we will leave ample room for discussion after we share our lessons learned. We hope you will come away with ideas for creating, improving, or scaling up your own documentation practice in a way that will resonate with your users.


Letitia Englund
UX/UI Analyst, Learning Technology Hub | The University of British Columbia

I'm Letitia (la-tih-shuh), a User Experience / User Interface Analyst with UBC's Learning Technology Hub. I care deeply how people experience their digital lives. I’m an advocate for using empathy to increase the approachability, usability, and inclusivity of technology. I believe that thoughtful listening (research, evaluation) and clear, simple communication (documentation, design) improve our tools and, by extension, better our world.

Timothy Kato
COC, Acting Manager, Learning Technology Hub Operations | The University of British Columbia

I’m Tim, Acting Manager Operations at UBC’s Learning Technology Hub. I am passionate about building strong processes and providing positive support experiences to ensure that those using our technologies have a good experience. I take a coach approach to leadership in the LT Hub and am keen to encourage learning, critical thinking, and continual rethinking within the team. I enjoy the high pace of change and regular challenges in the teaching and learning technologies space.