The BC Council on Admissions & Transfer (BCCAT) has garnered national and international recognition for the development of what is considered one of the most robust transfer credit systems in the world. The success of BCCAT’s leadership in delivering provincial level solutions has led to several provinces across Canada exploring the use of BCCAT’s technologies for use in their own jurisdictions. In 2016, BCCAT assumed responsibility for BC’s post-secondary provincial application service, and is charged with integrating the application service into existing BCCAT technologies.

Mike Winsemann has provided leadership and direction over BCCAT’s technologies for the past 12 years, and will provide an overview of the “secrets” of successfully building provincial level technologies that provide a high degree of service for a low cost to taxpayers. Attendees will be given an overview of BCCAT’s approach to technology collaboration and leadership, and will learn about how large scale technology solutions are effectively delivered. Attendees will also be provided with advice and lessons learned on some of the most common mistakes to avoid when working on provincial technology initiatives.


Mike Winsemann

Director of Information Technology, BC Council on Admissions & Transfer