This panel will explore how the partnership between two technology platforms (Linkedin Learning & Riipen) can support enhanced work-integrated learning projects by supplementing strategies taught in the classroom with playlists of domain-specific micro-courses.

Dr. Frederik Lesage (Faculty of Communication and Technology, SFU) and Dave Thomas (Beedie School of Business, SFU) believe in the positive impact that work-integrated learning projects can have on their students’ engagement in their learning and preparation for transitioning into meaningful careers upon graduation. However, one of the challenges faced by instructors is the wide variety of projects that come from industry.

This panel will explore the use of customized micro-course playlists based on the expertise required of each project mapped out by LinkedIn Learning (formerly and how it can be used to enhance the learning and experience of participating students and employers alike. Lesage and Thomas will be joined by executives from the technology platforms to explore new ways this newly formed partnership could be used to enhance work-integrated learning inside and outside of the classroom.


Dana Stephenson

Co-Founder, Riipen


Dave Thomas

Lecturer, Simon Fraser University


Dr. Karen Baker

Director of Strategy, Riipen


Frédérik Lesage

Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University


Jake Hirsch-Allen

Economic Graph and Learning Solutions for Higher Education and Workforce Development, Canada, LinkedIn