Canada’s National Research and Education Network (NREN) supports Canada’s most advanced research, education and innovation. But the pace of change impacting both the technology underlying this infrastructure and the evolving needs of its users and stakeholders is rapid, and accelerating. And cost pressures never go away…

In this context, how can the NREN evolve to ensure it continues to anticipate user needs, leverage new opportunities, and advance Canadians’ use of technologies to strengthen our knowledge economy?

The partners in Canada’s NREN have embarked on a new approach to advance the NREN, grounded in a recently-completed strategic plan based on existing strengths and compelling opportunities. The panelists will discuss how the plan will guide the progression of service delivery to end users; how the NREN will self-organize to support collective efforts; and how the NREN will connect to the broader community. Panelists will provide more detail on how these activities will unfold and contribute to building a robust and cost-effective research, education and innovation infrastructure that supports Canadian competitiveness in the 21st century.


Peter Wilenius

Vice President of Business Development, CANARIE

Mark Wolff

Chief Technology Officer, CANARIE

Terry Nikkel

Associate Vice-President of Integrated Techbology Services, University of New Brunswick

Neil McClughan

President of SRNET

Alfonso Licata

President and Chief Executive Officer, ORION

Bala Kathiresan

President and Chief Executive Officer, BCNET