Today, everyone has a great new idea for an app, or a start-up, or how to grow their social media following. But we have enough ideas, and we have enough dreamers. What we need are people who can execute. Heather Payne has built her career on taking other people’s ideas and executing them, flawlessly. Now, Payne shares the techniques that have helped her (and others) stop dreaming, and start doing. In this keynote, she teaches us to:

  • Embrace a hustle-first, low-tech approach. It’s unwise and expensive to dive into new projects and tech without testing functionality, doing proper research, and whetting the appetite of your customers. Doing so means that by the time you’re ready to launch, you’ll be on much safer ground—and you’ll probably have more cash to spend.
  • Manufacture deadlines. As Payne has done with Ladies Learning Code and HackerYou, create public commitments and hard deadlines to get things done.
  • Put in the hours. Even if you can’t spend the 10,000 hours necessary for becoming an expert, make sure you can commit to a certain number of hours to become proficient (and you don’t simply give up when the excitement wears off).

There’s no such thing as a perfect idea, so there’s no point waiting, or dreaming, until one comes along. Thankfully, Heather Payne is here to inspire us to start today, without trepidation, and with a much better chance at finding success.


Heather Payne

Ladies Learning Code & HackerYou


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