The all-round, information-focused mobile application tailored for students at Simon Fraser University (SFU) called "SFU snap" was launched in September 2015, and it is now one of four mobile apps endorsed by the University in its Official App Suite. It provides students with quick and easy access to their course schedule and due dates, live campus and transit information, and instant notifications of critical events.

In this presentation, you will learn why SFU increased its focus and investments in the University's mobile services, and how SFU snap went from a Computing Science student project to a full-scale product maintained by the IT Services department. Through the evolution of SFU snap, we will touch upon the collaboration between IT Services, the original student team, and various departments and stakeholders at SFU. You will see examples and highlights of how SFU snap transforms students' phones into their personalized companion for school.


Sudha Krishnal

Senior Director of Digital Engagement, Simon Fraser University

Ricardo Haro

iOS Application Developer (Co-op), Simon Fraser University

Andrew Leung

Application Developer, Simon Fraser University