Digital environments are an integral part of the higher education landscape but there is increasing risk--loss of data, money, service and reputation. The bad guys are getting better and changing their tactics at an alarming speed. Cybersecurity is no longer only the responsibility of IT teams.  Everyone has a role to play including administrative leaders, researchers and students.    

In this session, hear from panellists about the importance of cybersecurity as a shared responsibility within a higher ed institution and how collaboration and working together is key. Together, they will explore common challenges and opportunities, share real-life stories and provide recommendations for action at your institution. This session is intended for non-technical members of the team—although hopefully all attendees will benefit.

Note: There will be no slides provided for this session.


Don Thompson

Chief Information Security Officer, University of British Columbia Okanagan


Gayle Gorill

Vice-President, Finance and Operations, University of Victoria


Jim Ghadbane

President and CEO, CANARIE Inc.


Michael McDonnell

Director of Security Services, VCURA Canada Incorporated


Trevor Hurst

Executive Director, KPMG Canada