Successful Collaborative Communities – A Look at Developments in the BCNET Shared Services Portfolio

BCNET’s success is built on our long history and culture of collaboration and partnerships within the higher education member community. The trademark of our success is our member’s willingness to participate, collaborate, share expertise and work together to build on their combined strengths. This collaboration drives the evolution and growth of our service portfolio to meet member needs and deliver greater value for the sector. Our success is measured partially by aggregate savings and improved buying power. We reported savings and efficiencies in 2015/16 of $30 million and $66.5 million, since 2013. In this session, you will hear from the service managers about developments in each service portfolio, the collaborative process for service development, adoption and plans for the future. You will learn about each of these service areas:

  • Network
  • Shared Systems and Technology
  • Information Protection
  • Procurements
  • Professional Development and Training


Dean Crawford

Manager, Shared Systems & Technology, BCNET

Clarence Lee

Manager, Client Services, BCNET

Marilyn Hay

Manager, Network Engineering, BCNET

Dennis Silva

Chief Procurement Officer, BCNET

Ivor Mackay

Information Technology Manager, BCNET