We Got This... Or Do We? Check-In on the State of Client Service Delivery for BC IT Teams

Nearly half a million people in BC are enrolled in at least one higher ed program today. Do we know who these people are? Do we feel confident IT service design we have in place is enough to meet their expectations? 
Looking at the research and data available, the presenters invite you to a weather report around key challenges to meeting client needs. We encourage you to share your perspectives in a conversation about client services teams and the audiences they support: students, faculty, researchers or staff. 

Whether you need to start a new system, end a legacy one, test new technologies or extend reach of current service design this is the session for you to meet with peers and capture strategies. We hope in sharing a conversation around "if the customer is always right" we’ll shake out new opportunities for excellence in student experiences. Join us. Join in.

Note: There will be no slides provided for this session.


Chris Port

IS Planning Advisor, ICBC


Maryann Kempthorne

Discovery and Access Librarian, Capilano University


Sandeep Sidhu

Director, Client Services