In late 2016, UBC embarked on a project to raise employee awareness on the risks they face when using electronic systems and handling personal information. The strategy was simple; make information available through a new single point of truth website, build and deliver online training, use existing communication channels and engagement opportunities to let people know the good news. Build it and they will come. Three years later, with all battle scars on show, the words “mandate” and “completion percent” forever imprinted in their minds, Zoe Armer and Michael Lonsdale-Eccles share the real hurdles to raising Privacy and Security awareness in a university setting, things that worked, things that didn’t, skill sets required and the benefits a strong awareness program can deliver.


Michael Lonsdale-Eccles

PrISM Risk Management Services, University of British Columbia


Zoe Armer

Program Manager, Cybersecurity, University of British Columbia