What Happens Next? Getting the Most Out of your IT Vendor Contracts

Once a contract is awarded, IT administrators are tasked with contract management. More often than not, great procurement work can be undone by ineffective contract management. Activities around sourcing strategy, supplier selection, contract development and negotiation are central to the process. However, contract management is arguably equally as important. Often contracts are filed and forgotten until something unfortunate happens — lack of performance or the vendor has not lived up to its deliverables and promises. Once the contract is signed, what happens next?  

The session will focus on the importance of contract management, explore approaches and tools that you can use once this phase begins. Learn from IT and procurement leaders who will share their experiences and knowledge to get the most out of your vendor contracts.

Note: There will be no slides provided for this session.


Amy Tejirian

Procurement Officer, BCNET

Dennis Silva

Chief Procurement Officer, BCNET

Jonathan Butt

Manager, IT Services, College of the Rockies

Marcus Greenshields

Manager Computer Help Desk, University of Victoria