CIRA is Canada’s non-profit domain name registry, keeping over 2.7 million .CA domain names online 100% of the time. The good things we do for Canada include a national approach to security, because despite all the redundancy and security in place, the bad people keep wreaking havoc. 

This presentation will: 

  • Delve into the role of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in providing an infrastructure resistant to DDoS attacks
  • Review CIRA’s authoritative DNS infrastructure in IXPs - and how BCNET members can take advantage of it as part of membership
  • Understand how a registry architects infrastructure that is constantly under attack
  • Introduce a policy-enabled recursive service currently protecting over 500,000 users across Canada with dozens of educational institutions among the leading users
  • Review the data science behind how we detect and block malware and phishing. Including examples where this perimeter caught new threats already inside


Sarah Brimacombe

Business Development, Canadian Internet Registration Authority