Over the past decade, audio visual systems have increasingly relied on an IT infrastructure to perform core functionality. Taking advantage of an existing robust and centrally distributed network reduces the pathway and installation costs. It also provides integration to other systems such as environmental controls which improves the user experience. The demand for an uninterrupted IT network service has become paramount as this dependency has increased. On the flip side, AV manufacturers and integrators need to understand the IT standards in place and how the IT networks operate. Ignoring these best practices not only could take down the AV system but can also take down the campus wide IT network. We invite you to join this panel discussion on how AV and IT can work together to ensure the best possible service. This discussion will include past experiences and current processes, identifying the issues, possible solutions moving forward.


Alvin Ho

Network Analyst

University of British Columbia - Point Grey Campus


Izaak Housden

Collaboration Technology Infrastructure Specialist, University of Victoria, UBC MedIT Strategic Partner


Jesse Steiger

Project Manager, University of British Columbia - Point Grey Campus


Octavian Jurca

Project Manager, University of British Columbia - Point Grey Campus


Paul Levinsen

Systems Analyst, Emerging Technologies

University of British Columbia - Okanagan Campus