A holistic enterprise vision of the institution is necessary in order to build a robust and level-appropriate IAM roadmap. IAM program roadmaps are too often built and refreshed in a bubble without outside consultation. This is done to address specifics operational realities (usually around demand management and security concerns) However, in collaboration with key stakeholders around the institution in particular with Enterprise Architecture and Academic Units a more holistic and all-encompassing vision can be formed with extremely valuable artifacts. (ie. Reference Architecture, Capacity Map, Maturity Model, Service Definition etc).

UBC’s IAM program is currently leading some of these workshops and roundtables across its campus in order to ensure in the IAM is positioned to deliver on its mandate for the years to come and help lead the institution forward. This session would focus on some of the work already undertaken at UBC as well as plans for the future.


Sebastien Gonzalez

Senior Manager Identity and Access Management, University of British Columbia

Vincent Aumont

Enterprise Architect, University of British Columbia