Progress Made Real

In 2019, Dell Technologies took everything learned from nearly four decades of driving technological innovation, and focused those skills on answering one simple question “How can we – along with our customers, partners and suppliers – have a profound and positive impact on society and the planet, specifically within the next ten years?” Progress Made Real, a comprehensive roadmap for making the greatest social impact by 2030, is the result. It focuses on areas we believe are most important in creating a positive social impact: advancing sustainability, cultivating inclusion and transforming lives by tackling society’s most urgent issues. Underscoring all these efforts is a core commitment to ethics and data privacy. In this session, Progress Made Real, and the programs and initiatives available specifically for Canadian post secondary institutions, will be shared.




Education Strategist | Dell

Katina Papulkas is a Senior Education Strategist at Dell Technologies and is committed to serving students across Canada. She is an experienced educator with a background in teaching, online learning, leadership, assessment, and educational technology. In her two-decade tenure in education, she has been an instructional leader and administrator, where she designed and implemented system-wide initiatives to amplify learning through technology. Katina has been at Dell for three years and enjoys every new challenge and opportunity presented!


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