Apps Anywhere Deliver Software to Students on any Device. Anywhere, Anytime.

BCNET has signed an agreement with AppsAnywhere, an app store-style platform that gives students access to all the software they need. The student-centric solution enables the distribution, installation and management license control of your institution’s licensed software titles for all users. Give your students a better experience by making university software available anywhere, anytime.

  • Access to low-cost pricing: The BCNET contract provides bulk purchasing for the higher ed sector
  • Improve student experience: easier and equitable access to your licensed apps

  • Enhance IT efficiency: reduce time and complexity when making software available in campus labs and on managed devices

  • Reduce IT workload: deliver all university software from a centralized platform to any device, on and off campus, including Windows and Mac. Cut the time and cost of supporting campus labs and enable BYOD.

  • Simplify how you deliver software: deploy 100% of apps, reduce time imaging and decrease the number of support tickets

  • Support remote learning and promote equal opportunity:   provide remote learners and students, who have limited internet service, with access to key university software titles away from campus with the ability to check out licenses as required


Windows Virtual Desktop

Deliver software through next-gen and hosted virtualization solutions. AppsAnywhere helps students access their apps through Windows Virtual Desktop, giving higher ed a single platform for university apps, regardless of operating system, device type or user context. Take advantage of the benefits of hosted and SaaS solutions rather than legacy VDI to slash costs, boost scalability, access pay-as-you-go usage models and absorb peripheral costs.


Canvas compatibility

Use AppsAnywhere seamlessly with your existing digital learning resources. AppsAnywhere is Canvas-ready, allowing you to use complementary features out of the box. Share App Lists in course folders and distribute course-specific apps from the same places students are used to going for other resources. A consistent experience when it comes to accessing software and a familiarity with the process makes working easier and more productive.


App Lists API

Automated syndication of app lists to VLEs and other digital resources. AppsAnywhere’s all new API, designed for the sharing and distribution of App Lists, makes providing software access more quick and simple and helps to ensure students know what they can access, and where. Current App Lists API functions are as follows:

Retrieve a list of apps in a particular app list

  • Retrieve a list of apps in a particular app list, based on the LMS/VLE course links
  • Retrieve the information required to launch any of the referenced apps


Control License Access

AppsAnywhere allows the IT department to easily manage platform access and ensure compliance. Software title access can be controlled based on AD user groups, number of available licenses, device ownership, end-user location, or even operating system. This ensures that your students and staff only have the software they need when they need it.​​​​​


How to purchase

For more information about purchasing, please contact Shared Systems and Technology.


If you would like to purchase additional endpoints, please email Shared Systems and Technology

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