Since the dawn of civilization, when converging technologies go from scarcity to abundance, the world fundamentally changes. We always see an explosion in new challenges, new behaviours and new opportunities. The only difference is that today, technologies are on an exponential scale. From doctors to AI-assisted health, banks to blockchain, retail to Amazon’s Alexa, we will see the most chaotic era of commerce era. To navigate through disruptive times, we need relentless leaders to make digital part of their core business.

In this session, you will:

  • Understand how the convergence of exponential technologies are disrupting every industry
  • Learn why timing is the most critical aspect when it comes to dealing with disruption
  • Learn the secrets of how game-changing organizations exploit new problems
  • Learn how organizations successfully experiment with technologies and business models at the edges


Shawn Kanungo

Strategist in a World of Disruption


Session Recording