Protecting campus resources with simple username and password is no longer a viable way to provide a layer of first-defense for authentication. Campus resources must now adopt more sophisticated strategies for having users prove they are who they say they are.

This group of panelists has experience deploying multi-factor authentication and adding contextual inputs to the authentication process, and we'll gain insight from their experiences, which includes:

  • University of Victoria: Deploying MFA with Yubikey hardware tokens to protect access to Banner 8, Banner 9, Cisco VPN, and Unix shell.
  • Thompson Rivers University: Deploying MFA with Duo for the Windows desktop 
  • University of British Columbia: Deploying MFA with Duo to protect a wide range of resources 
  • University of Calgary: Deploying MFA with the Microsoft Azure MFA service 


Corey Scholefeild

Team Lead, Identity and Access Management Services, University of Victoria


Sean Feil

Specialist, Identity and Access Management, University of Calgary


Sebastian Gonzalez

Sr. Manager, Identity and Access Management, University of British Columbia


Wendy Blake

Director, Network and Technical Services, Thompson Rivers University