Talent development is at the core of every leadership capability in today's world. As a true people developer, over the years I have found that people move from role to role and often the transition lacks structure and appropriate support to ensure a successful experience. 

In this session, I would like to share my experiences as I moved from technical leadership to more people leadership roles. During this process I have found it extremely useful to have access to a mentor/coach, creating a 30-60-90 day plan, understanding organizational culture, breaking barriers, building alliances, working with key influencers, shifting elevated thinking, emotional intelligence and professional development plans. Every attendee will walk away with tools, techniques and templates I have found useful over the years, mostly passed on to me by my mentors. I will also invite attendees to share their ideas and thoughts thus making it a real interactive session.


Sandeep Sidhu

Director, Client Services, Simon Fraser University