Higher Education IT professionals are increasingly being asked to spend less time on infrastructure and allocate more time and budget to applications and services that add more value. Despite a continuous stream of IT hardware and software enhancements, the infrastructure challenges faced by Higher Education IT teams continue to rise. 

The legacy IT infrastructure required to meet the needs of higher education is complex and expensive, and datacenter management has become painful. Legacy infrastructure-with separate storage, storage networks, and servers-is not well suited to meet the growing demands of higher education and the fast pace of change. 

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud addresses the many pain points higher education IT organizations are facing. Nutanix hyperconverged solutions integrate compute and storage resources into a single solution that is easy to deploy, maintain, and grow. Nutanix scales from small, simple workloads to large, complex environments without forcing higher education IT to rip and replace infrastructure components. 

Come learn more about how Nutanix Enterprise Cloud delivers the simplicity and agility of the public cloud, but with the security and control that you need on-premises in a private cloud.


Ej Bodnar

Senior Marketing Manager for SLED, Nutanix