Many universities and colleges have looked to VDI as the silver bullet to solve application delivery and image management issues, hoping to reduce costs and improve service levels to faculty and students – only to find it’s not working. End user computing technologies have come a long way in the last 12-18 months. New technologies are redefining how desktop and application management, image management, and application delivery are delivered yielding impressive results both on premise or in the Cloud. Leverage your existing investments in Citrix, VMware and Microsoft and push beyond the limitations of VDI.

Benefits for Students, Faculty, Staff and IT:

  • Students access educational applications through any device.
  • Instructors maximize creativity with desktops that provide full personalization.
  • IT has only 1 Windows image to patch and delivers apps 80% faster and at half the cost.
  • Attract more students with virtual labs that offer anywhere, anytime access to educational resources.

Enable IT to:

  • Migrate to Windows 10
  • PC refresh management
  • Application delivery Provisioning
  • Image management
  • Improve login times
  • Provide true user personalization
  • On premise, or in the Cloud – providing solutions that meet every requirement.


Ted Smith

Vice President of Sales, Microserve