From innovation in physical classroom space to online digital assessments, the team at Sauder Learning Services is all about exploring the new. This is essential to improving the learning experience both for students and their professors/instructors. We can attest to this from multiple testimonies from various completed and ongoing projects, not least of which include learning analytics, external accreditation, learning lab development, edX development, and “hot off the press” remote proctoring for an MBA program. What drives our ability to keep moving forward is firstly, our unique organizational team structure and secondly, our emblematic team symbol, TARDIS. It hasn’t been an easy journey, most certainly not one without its costs, but precisely because of this, it is one worth sharing. In telling our story, we aim to expand your idea on what’s possible in the learning space right now and ultimately inspire you to create new beginnings of your own.


Rob Peregoodoff

Director of Learning Services, University of British Columbia — Sauder School of Business


Siobhan Cook

Manager of Learning Design, University of British Columbia — Sauder School of Business