Research libraries are increasingly responsible for a growing corpus of digital materials related to their unique collections of library and archival materials. From digitized historic newspapers to research data, the University of Victoria Libraries manages a wide diversity of access platforms and storage services to support our collections. But as those collections grow to petabyte scale, we're rethinking how best to manage these digital assets through innovative partnerships on campus and beyond. This session will explore how we plan to transition away from traditional network storage provided by University Systems, to object storage using OpenStack that takes advantage of UVic's research computing infrastructure. We will also discuss how developments at the Digital Research Alliance of Canada, CANARIE, and in the commercial sector are informing our local practice for long-term, large-scale redundant storage infrastructure.


Corey Davis
Digital Preservation Librarian | University of Victoria

Corey Davis is Digital Preservation Librarian at the University of Victoria and Visiting Program Officer at CARL. He has been working in academic libraries for 15 years, most recently as Digital Preservation Coordinator for the Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL). He is active in several national preservation efforts in Canada, including as a founding member of CARL's Digital Preservation Working Group, and as founder and chair of the Canadian Web Archiving Coalition.