Multi-factor authentication is appearing everywhere from securing important digital enterprise infrastructure to protecting your personal online gaming account. Traditional multi-factor authentication has historically involved expensive hardware devices, dongles, smart cards, and clunky fingerprint readers; However, the newest generation of multi-factor authentication is easy to use, cheap to deploy, and becoming as ubiquitous as the common password login screen. 

The University of Calgary has used multi-factor authentication for over a decade to secure important administrative systems and networks. We are now moving to deploy this powerful authentication standard to a large variety of common systems such as mail, eLearning, and more for everyone. Learn how this new generation of cost effective security is going to be rolled out to our diverse population of students, support staff, faculty, and researchers in a way that is pleasant to use, while increases our protection against account compromises through phishing, malware, and other threats.


Sean Feil

Identity and Access Management, University of Calgary